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Penny Greenhalgh

Penny is an award-winning comedian, actor, writer and director.

A rising star of Australian comedy, 2016 has seen Penny regularly appear on the lineups of some top-notch gigs including Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tours, The Fearless Initiative Gala, Comedy Central’s [Insert Venue] Gala (televised), Wil Anderson’s Splendour in the Grass shows, and Melbourne Comedy Festival’s Big Laugh Out, Haus Party, Comedy Club for Kids and Snow-Capped Comedy.

In June Penny was awarded Screen NSW funding under 'Gender Matters’ to complete a writer’s attachment on the ABC TV show, The Checkout, (for which she also works as an actor and director). She quickly emerged from this role to step into a job writing 4 half-hour episodes of a new comedy series with Ambience Entertainment. At the same time, Penny trained as a live TV studio director thanks to [email protected] - a partnership between Screen NSW and Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.

Penny’s debut live solo show, Pop Pop, won the Best Emerging Artist Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015 and toured to sold-out crowds at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival of that year. She was listed among the Sydney Morning Herald’s must-see up-and-coming comedians of 2015. Her 2016 show, Piranha Banana Llamarama, was also very well-received by audiences and critics alike. Penny is currently writing a show for 2017 called Pony Greenhorse.

In 2013 Penny was awarded the Ian Potter Foundation Cultural Trust Grant to attend the prestigious theatre school, École Philippe Gaulier, in Paris. Television credits include The Feed (SBS), The Let Down (ABC), All I Need (7TWO); and for ABC TV: Hungry Beast, Wednesday Night Fever, The Hamster Decides, The Gruen Transfer and The Checkout.

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